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Therefore, they sort in among the applicants, and it also gives some consumers a little help if you consider that some can actually not afford to borrow. They will not be approved, and in this way they will not be disabled.
The loan providers make money on loans and they have to keep doing this, otherwise they would not be there for consumers or customers.

Risk of lending

Risk of lending

The loan providers know that there is a risk in lending, and therefore they have people to calculate how much they can risk losing. They recognize this in their costs, and it is placed on the customers’ expense, ie interest and costs. We all agree to pay slightly higher interest rates and costs to cover what they lose on borrowers who are unable to pay.



What is actually going on with a credit rating is about examining whether, for example, you have debt elsewhere that you did not pay for any reason. Then they can also evaluate whether the amount of the amount you are seeking is ok, relative to your income.

They do not know your budget in detail, but they have their own criteria that allow them to assess that you cannot afford to sit with the loan and installments. Since most applications are looked at with the same eyes and receive the same treatment, there is no consideration for the individual applicant as such, which means that you may well get a rejection from one provider while another gives you a loan.

They have different ways of doing things, and so have our providers on our list. Therefore, search several places and see if there is not a provider that thinks you and your finances are ok for them.

Better chances

As an applicant, there are several opportunities to get through the credit rating. You must borrow as little as possible in relation to your income. If you are two, then the other can also stand on the loan application. Get out of the RKI or Debtor Register so you don’t stand there.

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We try to help our visitors get easier and faster on loans, and therefore we describe many topics that can affect your loan options. Therefore, it may be smart if you read some of our articles so that you are better equipped to apply for a loan. If you get a rejection from one provider, change tactics at the next. Apply for a smaller amount and get a co-applicant on the loan.